Accountability and Performance Update – January 30-February 6, 2021

Performance and Management

Ten Years On, How Has the Federal Performance System Performed?

Donald Moynihan, Government Executive

An early skeptic finds there’s evidence for optimism, and much the Biden administration can build on.

Current crises call for effective management. Here’s how agencies can cultivate that

Federal News Network

The Biden Administration took office amid a compounding series of crises, and only effective emergency management is going to help successfully navigate them. One guiding way to think about prioritization is the “punctuated equilibrium theory.”

Open Data and Analytics

Why Biden’s Embrace of Evidence in Policymaking Is Just What We Need Right Now

Andrew Feldman and Jed Herrmann, Government Executive

A new presidential memo signals commitment from the very top to the use of data and science at a time when the country is confronted by major crises, two experts say.

Open source: An efficient way to handle data

John Gilroy, Federal TechTalk, Federal News Network

Data is in constant change. Given this fact, how does a federal professional assure that real-time information is provided for key decision-makers?

When Data-Driven Decision-Making is a Mandate

Kevn McCaney, GovLoop

Agencies have shown enthusiasm for achieving the Evidence Act’s goals, though mixed with some uncertainty.

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