Accountability and Performance Update – February 7-20, 2021

Performance and Management

How to Address the Question Every Program Manager Should Answer: Does It Work?

John Kamensky, Government Executive

In one of his first actions, President Biden encouraged agency heads to support “evidence-building plans,” more commonly called “learning agendas.” Here’s the back story.

The Next Steps in Performance Management are Critical

Janet A. Weiss, Government Executive

The Biden administration should restore and stimulate performance management across the executive branch, encouraging managers doing the hard work of improvement.

Open Data and Analytics

Want better policy? Give more support to federal statistics agencies

Tom Temin, Federal News Network

Without reliable data about industry, about agriculture, about the U.S. population, it’s impossible to form good public policy, much less have a meaningful debate about it. Supplying that data falls to a collection of federal organizations known as the statistical agencies.

How Computer Vision Is Helping Agencies See Their Mission Objectives More Clearly

Ryan Luckay & Gretchen Stewart,  FedTech

Computer vision takes image processing a step further and provides agencies with deep and potentially critical insights.

It’s a fact: Government relies on statistics

Tom Temin, Federal News Network

Nearly every policy decision the government makes is based on statistics.

4 Data Analytics Trends to Watch in 2021

Michael Gormley, Nextgov

Expect more live data dashboards and APIs as a key enabler.

AI Could Quicken Disease Diagnoses and Save Lives

Randy Barrett, FedTech

NIH, DOD and VA are working to add artificial intelligence to pathology and radiology protocols.

Government Innovation

How Forward-Thinking Investments Will Build the Future of Digital Government

Jeremy M. Goldberg, Nextgov

To succeed, governments must create long-term integrated plans that encompass enterprise architecture, funding and policy support.

Why Too Many Government Modernization Efforts Fail

Nina Kern, Government Executive

Technology “solutions” almost never address the organizational issues critical to success.

Customer Experience

How to Use Analytics Data and Smart Experiments to Optimize Agency Services

Piotr Korzeniowski and Ben Rometsch

Those searching for more ways to improve citizens’ digital experiences should look toward setting up experiments and a testing culture to optimize results over time.

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