Accountability and Performance Update – February 27-March 5, 2021

Performance and Management

We Already Have the Tool We Need to Get the Most Out of Federal Contractors

Greg Giddens, Mike Smith and Jim Williams, Government Executive

It’s called CPARS, and we’re just not using it the way we should.

GAO: Federal Human Capital Management has Regressed Over Last Two Years

Erich Wagner, Government Executive

The government watchdog agency faulted a lack of leadership at OPM for the failure to address gaps in critical skills and other federal workforce issues.

Open Data and Analytics

GSA making interagency data and cloud collaboration easier mid-pandemic

Dave Nyczepir, FedScoop

The COVID-19 pandemic has the General Services Administration thinking about how it can reduce barriers to interagency collaboration around data and the cloud.

Data-Driven Ways to Maximize City Budgets Post-Pandemic

Stephen Goldsmith, Government Technology

Officials predict city budgets will be cut anywhere from 15 to 40 percent in the next year. The best way to do more with less is to use data as a tool to find out what works and where there’s opportunity to save.

Disparate agencies encountering similar lessons, pitfalls in prioritizing AI efforts

David Thornton, Federal News Network

As more agencies begin exploring how artificial intelligence can benefit their missions, one question keeps coming up: how to prioritize the potential use cases to get the best return on investment, and best serve their constituents?

Can Good Data Improve Policing and Prevent Excessive Force?

Jed Pressgrove, Government Technology

The police force of Durham, N.C., has teamed up with SAS Institute to create a data system that will put a spotlight on exemplary police work and reveal cases where officers may need training or counseling.

AI Is Killing Choice and Chance – Which Means Changing What It Means to Be Human

Nir Eisikovits and Dan Feldman, Nextgov

Artificial intelligence increasingly shapes the human experience.

Open Government and Innovation

Smaller Federal Agencies Are the Tip of the Spear for Innovation

James Langley, FedTech

Smaller federal agencies (those with under 6,000 employees) drive many critical national operations. However, those agencies are often subject to tighter budgets and fewer resources than their big agency counterparts

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