Accountability and Performance Update – March 6-19, 2021

Performance and Management

The Business Case for Investing in Human Capital Management

Howard Risher, Government Executive

The payoff will be improved agency performance—and the gains could be significant.

OPM Modernization is Critical to Building the Federal Workforce the Nation Needs

Terry Gerton and Janet Hale, Government Executive

Rigid and outdated hiring, pay and performance policies and practices are hurting government’s capacity to respond to urgent problems.

How the Pandemic Has Impacted Grants Management

Jeff Myers, Government Executive

A new survey shows that administrative costs have spiked, while funding agencies struggle to measure outcomes.

Open Data and Analytics

Biden Creates Road Map for Equitable State and Local Data

Daniel Castro, Government Technology

Data from marginalized communities is often underreported, meaning their needs are hidden from policymakers. President Biden’s initial actions on equitable data pave a path for state and local governments to follow.

Upskill and tell the story of the data

Peter Musurlian, Federal News Network

A mastery of data literacy could mean a workforce that generates better planning and better decisions.

TMF to fund Labor Dept. data project

Natalie Alms, FCW

The Technology Modernization Fund doled out its first project of 2021 the day after getting $1 billion in the Biden administration’s Rescue Plan legislation.

The Future of AI and Intelligent Automation at Agencies

Phil Goldstein, FedTech

Agencies can go beyond robotic process automation and use artificial intelligence tools to handle more complex tasks.

Opportunity to reskill federal workforce for AI jobs ‘underutilized,’ panel warns Congress

Jory Heckman, Federal News Network

The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence is warning that the federal government, at all levels, doesn’t have the workforce it needs to stay on top of this emerging technology.

Government Innovation

GSA kicks off two-year effort to innovate service contracting beyond OASIS

Jason Miller, Federal News Network

The new approach to services contracting aims to shake things up in a way the federal contacting community hasn’t seen in at least five years.

Customer Experience

Digital Government Is Only Successful If It Works for All

Noelle Knell, Government Technology

Government is tasked with the hefty responsibility of doing the people’s business, but what happens when people can’t access services or online systems fail?

A prescription for restoring some of the trust in government

Tom Temin, Federal News Network

Trust has been declining for decades. And the pandemic really blew a hole in that balloon. With more on the survey and some clues to restoring trust, Deloitte’s Executive Director for Government Insights Bill Eggers spoke to Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

Government agencies harness RPA ‘bots’ to build capacity, improve services


Federal and state government workers are beginning to benefit from a growing army of digital robots designed to streamline agency workloads and quicken the delivery of public services.

Government vaccine customer experience a mixed bag

Tom Temin, Federal News Network

The speed at which the industry developed vaccines in conjunction with the Operation Warp Speed program was a huge success. The distribution, not so much, even though the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did develop a distribution plan last fall. 

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