Accountability and Performance Update – January 31-February 6, 2022

Performance Management in Hybrid Workplaces

Federal News Network

Federal managers have some help to ensure their employees are performing at a high level no matter where they are working. A new memo from the Office of Personnel Management released today, offers them performance management tips for a hybrid workplace.

Behavioral Science Can Help Increase Satisfaction with Government Services

Government Executive

The success of the new federal COVID test kit website shows what behavioral science can offer to help make services more accessible.

Governments Turn to Data to Find Solutions to Equity Issues


It’s easy for leaders to pronounce that they’re going to make a fairer state or locality. Here’s how several states, counties and cities are utilizing information to achieve their goals.

New Orleans Leans into Data to Reduce Incarceration


To address racial and ethnic disparities in its local criminal legal systems, New Orleans is creating a blueprint for reform using data-driven analysis and community engagement.

Fraudsters Set to Pounce on Massive Infrastructure Money

Pew – Stateline Blog

At least 10% of the total $1.2 trillion in infrastructure funding could be used fraudulently, estimates Stephen Street, president of the Association of Inspectors General, a nonprofit membership group. . . . While federal agencies ultimately are responsible for how the money gets spent, it will fall to states, cities and counties awarding contracts to oversee everything from the bidding process to the quality of the work, say auditors and watchdog groups.

Webinar: Do’s and Don’ts for Performance Management – March 1, 2022, 1 p.m. Eastern

ASPA Center for Accountability & Performance

The Urban Institute recently published a report titled: “Dos and Don’ts: Tips for Strengthening Your Performance Management Systems, which was aimed at educating readers in a way that can help them answer that question. Four of the authors of this important piece of research are going to engage in a facilitated conversation about the scores of concepts covered in the report — and more.

Progress on UN Sustainable Development Goals Measured at State-Local Levels

International Institute for Sustainable Development

Over 330 subnational governments – including New York City — have agreed to align local efforts with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, engage stakeholders to share their experiences, lessons learned, and information gathered using the SDG framework – and voluntarily submit a status report to the UN’s High-Level Political Forum. 

Resource of the Week: Federal Funding Streams Available for Education Data Systems

Data Quality Campaign

This resource identifies federal funding streams that are flexible, specify data as an allowable activity, or are allocated specifically for data, and provides details on the amount of funding most likely to be used for these purposes, where possible.

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