Accountability and Performance Update – May 2-8, 2022

Using Behavioral Science is One Way to Increase Satisfaction with Government Services

Government Executive

The success of the new federal COVID test kit website shows what behavioral science can offer to help make services more accessible.

Colorado’s “Evidence Continuum” Promotes Efficient, Effective Programs

Results First/Pew Charitable Trusts

Colorado is a leader among states using data and research to strengthen their budget investment choices. Since 2014, The Pew Charitable Trusts’ Results First initiative has partnered with Colorado to help the state apply research evidence to fund programs that work.

Optimizing Analytics for Policymaking and Governance

IBM Center for The Business of Government

In this report, Dr. Jennifer Bachner has derived conclusions regarding agency progress based on a systematic review of  how the government uses analytics, the outcomes of these efforts, and the challenges agencies face in their work to further develop analytical capabilities.

Resource of the Week:  Government Performance Coalition

The Coalition was created in 1999 by an ad hoc group of organizations and researchers who seek to ensure a continued focus and attention to performance and management issues in government by identifying existing issues that need new attention, refining past efforts and highlighting related governance policies that affect performance.

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