Accountability and Performance Update – May 9-15, 2022

Performance Management: Not a Silver Bullet

Barrett & Greene

When we first began down this path, . . .  we were true believers, and were convinced that all state and local governments needed to do was to measure things and programmatic successes would inevitably follow. Of course, that turned out not to be the case, and as time went on we learned that for all the promises of performance management there were a number of pitfalls.

Sharing Federal Digital Services with Other Layers of Government

Aaron Snow’s Blog

Legislation is pending in both Canada and the U.S. to break down organizational silos by making federal tech services and platforms available to state, local, tribal, and territorial governments. 

What’s Next for Behavioral Nudges?

Bloomberg Cities Network

To learn what’s next in nudges—and how city leaders can get there—Bloomberg Cities caught up with David Halpern and another luminary in the field, Elizabeth Linos. .  . . Here are 10 new directions these two experts see the use of behavioral insights headed in local government in the years to come.

Unexpected Monies Could Be Used to Address Long-standing Needs

IBM Center for The Business of Government

A blockbuster, one-time-only pandemic-driven grant of $350 billion to states and localities has created an opportunity of a lifetime to make investments in longstanding needs. Will officials be up to the challenge?

A Quick Take on President Biden’s Management Agenda

Government Executive

it took more than a year into his term, but it’s a foundation for a legacy in improving government operations and public trust.  Here are some takeaways from the cross-agency priority goals and agency priority goals, both statutorily required by the 2010 GPRA Modernization Act.

California’s Cradle-to-Career Data System

Office of the Governor

The Office of Cradle-to-Career Data has signed landmark legal agreements with 15 education, social service, and workforce entities that allow for the creation of data sets on student progress from pre-K through college and employment.

Measuring Administrative Burden

Federal Computer Week

The Biden administration wants federal agencies to clear away the administrative burdens Americans take on when they interact with the government. . . . That’s a term that Donald Moynihan and Pamela Herd, both professors at Georgetown University, have been studying since 2010. . . . Now, the two are hoping to create a standard way to measure it.

Resource of the Week:  Results for America

This nonprofit, bipartisan organization focuses on encouraging decision-makers at all levels of government to harness the power of evidence and data to solve public challenges, and by advocating for investments in “what works.” Here’s a link to its successes and impact over the past decade:

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