Accountability and Performance Update – May 16-22, 2022

International Trends in Government Performance

National Center for Public Performance (YouTube Video)

Two-hour segment of the Marc Holzer 2022 Symposium on Public Performance Management. Discussion of “generally accepted performance principles” and their application in Namibia, Kenya, Barbados, Nigeria, and Bangladesh. 

Rethinking Monitoring and Evaluation in Complex Systems

UNDP Strategic Innovation Unit

 We have learned that using systems and portfolio approaches requires very different ways of doing monitoring, evaluation, and results measurement. This is rooted in the realization that we cannot hope to transform complex systems through business-as-usual approaches founded on linear project-based modes of planning, management, and evaluation.

What Is the Purpose of a Performance Audit?

City of Austin, TX, Auditor’s Office (YouTube Video)

In this episode of THE SAMPLE, Leita Hart-Fanta, CPA answers the question, “What Is the Purpose of a Performance Audit?” and discusses the three questions you can ask about a program in general.

New Directions for Evaluation

Data Foundation (Special Issue, Spring 2022)

This issue of New Directions for Evaluation (NDE) surveys the landscape of evaluation policy. . . . Much has changed since the 2009 issue, including: more widespread development of explicit evaluation policies in agencies and organizations; empirical studies of evaluation policies; important legislation at the U.S. federal level, etc.

Resource of the Week:  Association for Government Accountants

This national professional association for public accountants in both the public and private sectors sponsors research and advocacy for performance management as part of its mission. It provides training, certification, standards, and guidance to its membership.

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