Accountability and Performance Update – Aug 8- 14, 2022

Massachusetts Needs a Performance Framework

Pioneer Institute (Joe Staruski)

Many states have made tremendous progress toward government efficiency and effectiveness by setting goals and tracking their progress. Massachusetts tried making a performance structure, but in 2014 it was discontinued. Today, the state lacks a comprehensive structure to track progress.

Commerce, NASA Leaning on Evidence Act to Put Common Priorities

Federal News Network

Only in the last year has the 2019 Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act started to demonstrate a real impact on agency missions. As agencies updated their strategic plans for 2022, many used the law to drive better cross-agency conversations.

OMB Releases Guidance to Agencies for FY 2024

Federal News Network

One of the biggest pushes for 2024 is around evidence-based decision making. OMB is telling agencies to do more to build up their skillsets and capabilities to build “credible, relevant evidence that is critical for decision-making on agency priorities that are built into their budget submission to OMB.”

Four Ways Government Budgeting Can Improve Community Outcomes

EY-Parthenon (Andrew Kleine)

States and cities, using outcome-based budgeting and performance data, can turn around communities in economic distress and support equity.

Small Business and the Federal Government: Working Together Blog Post

This is the fifth post in a series highlighting different aspects of strategic planning in the Federal Government. Today, we will meet the U.S. Small Business Administration and learn how they leverage their strategic planning initiatives to hit Government-wide objectives, including partnering with and growing disadvantaged small businesses.

Bloomberg Expands Its What Works Cities Certification

Bloomberg Philanthropies

Bloomberg Philanthropies and Results for America today announced the next phase for What Works Cities Certification, the first-of-its-kind standard of excellence for data-driven, well-managed local government. What Works Cities Certification will expand to include cities in Canada, Central America, and South America while maintaining its commitment to U.S. cities. 

Made to Measure: How Measurement Can Improve Social Interventions

Center for Public Impact (Toby Lowe)

“Measurable” change is not the same as “real” change. In social change work, real change is experienced in someone’s life. Real change is how someone’s life is different.

Resource of the Week:  Understanding Statistics and Experimental Design

Springer Publishers (Michael Herzog, Gregory Francis, and Aaron Clarke)

This open access textbook provides the background needed to correctly use, interpret and understand statistics and statistical data in diverse settings. 

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