Accountability and Performance Update – Aug 15-21, 2022

It’s Complex, Not Complicated

UK.Gov Blog on Public Policy Design

Most of the insufficiencies of government can be traced back to a fundamental misunderstanding about how to ‘solve’ the problems society faces.

Updated Federal Performance Guidance

U.S. Office of Management and Budget

OMB released its annual update to its Circular A-11, which contains guidance to agencies on their preparation of their budget proposals for fiscal year 2024. Part 6 of the circular details the Federal Performance Framework which includes new details on measuring social equity, customer experience, and learning agendas.

Don’t Ignore Government Performance Metrics (Podcast)

Government Executive

Shelley Metzenbaum discusses her GovExec post headlined “A Missed Opportunity: The Problem with Ignoring Government Performance Information,” with host Ross Gianfortune. (27 minutes)

Blog on State Recovery Fund Plans as of July 31, 2022

National Association for State Budget Officers

As of August 18, NASBO had compiled links to 2022 Recovery Plan Performance Reports for 44 states and territories. Based on a preliminary review of the information in these reports, states have appropriated or otherwise allocated approximately 80 percent of their State-Local Fiscal Recovery Funds towards specific allowable uses.

Recap of White House Evidence Forum (3 min. video)

Results for America

The White House has dubbed 2022 the “Year of Evidence for Action” and is hosting a series of federal, state, and local forums to highlight how evidence-based policy can support localities to deliver better results for citizens.

New National Strategy for Measuring Climate Change

National Public Radio

The Biden Administration has unveiled efforts to give a more holistic accounting of the effects of environmental damage. According to Chris Mihm, this strategy document appears to make it easier for the US federal government’s budget process to consider the benefits of climate adaptation and resilience investment in budget and regulatory development processes.

Resource of the Week:  Honor Roll of States That Prioritize Evidence of Effectiveness

Results for America

This honor roll recognizes state grant programs in selected program areas (education and youth development, health and well-being, workforce development, justice and safety, housing, community development, financial security) that clearly define effectiveness when they invite grant applications, and prioritize such evidence when selecting grantees.

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