Accountability and Performance Update – Sept 19-25, 2022

Codifying an Office to Track Implementation of President’s Management Agenda

Government Executive

The Governmentwide Executive Councils Administration and Results Improvement Act (S. 4828) would codify the existing Office of Executive Councils, which is located in the General Services Administration, and require it to coordinate policy planning and legislative recommendations for each of the existing statutory councils (such as the Chief Financial Officers Council and Chief Information Officers Council).

Access to Data for Accountability

Federal News Network

Ann Ebberts, the CEO of AGA, said the biggest challenge that emerged from the survey of federal inspectors general was about data sharing across the different organizations. She said the recognition that federal, state and local auditors could work faster and smarter if agencies and Congress removed some of the major roadblocks to sharing data.

Can Learning Agendas Improve Performance?

Federal News Network (Interview with Bob Tobias)

“Theoretically, it’s great. But I think a good process does not necessarily guarantee a good result. And I think the learning agenda missed the most important critical question to achieving increased agency performance. And that is leadership development.” 

Priority-Based Budgeting: An Honest Broker Among Municipal Functions?

Public Budgeting & Finance (David Mitchell) – Gated Article

This study examines 32 municipal PBB implementers with difference-in-differences analysis; finding a varied effect upon municipal functions that casts doubt on its ability to fully reallocate budgetary resources from low- to high-priority programs.

Pittsburg’s Priority-Based Budgeting Approach

City of Pittsburgh

We are creating a shared language with residents to better understand how the city’s budget is developed, prioritized, and ultimately aligned to community priorities. This budgeting approach provides clarity and an open space for the community to join the budgeting conversation.

Baltimore Creating Digital & Performance Teams to Improve Transparency

$1.1 million of ARPA funds is being invested in expanding the capacity of the Mayor’s Office of Performance & Innovation with a City Performance Team. With the newly codified barometers, each city agency will be able to provide performance plans and reports to the public for more government transparency.

Resource of the Week:  Bringing Context to Quality of Life Ratings

Barrett & Greene

Government Performance Action and Learning is a new partnership whose goal is to bring together comprehensive community information, providing simple to use indices and insights that will lead to improved performance. It is intended to allow leaders to see connections between disparate community data that, before now, only lived in siloed sources.

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