Accountability and Performance Update – Apr 10-16, 2023

Using Evidence-Based Management to Drive Change

LinkedIn – “Change Management”

Change is inevitable in any organization, but how do you make sure that your change initiatives are based on sound evidence and not just intuition or assumptions? Evidence-based management (EBM) is a systematic approach to using the best available data and research to inform your decisions and actions.

Agencies Report Quarterly Progress on Priority Goals

U.S. Office of Management and Budget

Agencies report progress on a quarterly basis. The two-year (FY22–23) performance period will end on September 30. These quarterly updates across 90 APGs from major agencies provide insight to the public about progress made in the Federal Government and highlight key milestones toward achieving these goals.

Can Performance Pay Helps States & Localities Hang onto the Best & Brightest?


There has been growing interest in adopting performance pay. Cara Woodson Welch, executive director of the Public Sector HR Association says that anecdotally she has been “hearing more people talking about it recently.”

Federal Agencies to Develop Measures of Organizational Health & Performance

U.S. Office of Management and Budget

OMB released new guidance to agencies, requiring that they identify a set of indicators, which may be adjusted over time, that each agency- identified major operating unit will use for measuring, monitoring, and improving organizational health and organizational performance. These include indicators that support agency assessment of and decision-making related to current and future work environments. 

Resource of the Week:  Inventory of Data-Driven Local Governments

Office of Performance Analytics, City of Alexandria VA 

Here is a map and list of 116 city and county governments that use data, analysis, process improvement, and/or evidence to continuously improve their services. If you know of others, you can have them added to the list!

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