Accountability and Performance Update – Apr 17-23, 2023

Biennial Update to GAO’s High-Risk List

U.S. Government Accountability Office

This biennial update describes the status of high-risk areas, outlines actions that are needed to assure further progress, and identifies new high-risk areas needing attention by the executive branch and Congress.  Substantial progress has been made, with 16 of the 34 areas making improvements since 2021. This the most progress in the eight years GAO started rating high-risk areas. Two of the 16 were removed from the list. Three new areas were added.

New Initiative to Measure Agencies’ Organizational Health and Performance

U.S. Office of Management and Budget

This memorandum outlines steps executive departments and agencies will take to ensure that agency decisions regarding work environments continue to improve organizational health and organizational performance. Agencies’ organizational health and organizational performance frameworks and approaches must support delivery of the agency’s statutory missions.

CAP WEBINAR: The Evidence Act and Performance (Tuesday, Apr 25 – 1 p.m. EDT)

American Society for Public Administration

Nick Hart, the policy director of the Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking and current president of the Data Foundation, and Kathryn Newcomer, George Washington University professor and co-author with Hart of Evidence-building and Evaluation in Government, will discuss current challenges to evidence-building efforts in federal agencies. 

RECORDING: CAP Awards Ceremony and Harry Hatry Tribute

American Society for Public Administration

The Center for Accountability and Performance’s annual recognition award ceremony was held April 12. It was supplemented by a special tribute to the late Harry Hatry, a pioneer in modern performance and program evaluation at the Urban Institute.

Six Steps to Make Your Strategic Plan Really Strategic

Harvard Business Review

Many strategic plans aren’t strategic, or even plans. To fix that, try the six-step process described in this article.

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