Accountability and Performance Update – November 29-Deember 5, 2021

Rooting for the Infrastructure Implementation Task Force

Government Executive (Ed DeSeve)

In November, President Biden signed an executive order establishing the Infrastructure Implementation Task Force. It will be co-chaired by Brian Deese, head of the National Economic Council, and Mitch Landrieu, Infrastructure Implementation Coordinator. This is a great first step toward implementing the very clear mission of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA).

A Look at How 150 Local Governments are Planning to Use Their Federal Recovery Funds

RouteFifty/Results for America

For those interested in how local governments across the U.S. intend to use billions in pandemic aid provided under the American Rescue Plan Act, a new online tool released Thursday is worth taking a look at.

White House Guidance Encourages Agencies to Cooperate with Watchdogs

Government Executive

The White House, in a 7-page memo, instructed agencies on Friday on how best to cooperate with their watchdogs who often have contentious relationships with those they oversee.

White House Aims to Bolster Government Watchdog Independence

NBC News

Gene Sperling, the White House’s American Rescue Plan coordinator, said the oversight is also modeled on how Biden worked to ensure that the stimulus money approved during the Obama administration was spent properly.

Rapid-Cycle Evaluation in Social Services

TechSoup Global Network

An annotated bibliography: what is it, how it is currently used, and in what fields.

Behind the Scenes: Pathways to Work Clearinghouse

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Administration on Children & Families – YouTube Video (4:50)

Describes how the Pathways to Work Clearinghouse can be used to identify evidence-based programs that improve outcomes of different interventions.

Resource of the Week: New York City Mayor’s Office of Operations

A one-stop webpage with links to the citywide performance reporting system, its customer service metrics, its data analytics office, its open data sets, the mayor’s annual management report, and more. In over 100 languages!

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